Part 1 EMDR Training – Guidelines & Resources

Welcome colleague as you begin your training in EMDR therapy! The following information will help you prepare for the training. It also includes valuable post training resources.

Note: These materials are for training participants only!

PRE-TRAINING INFORMATION AND ACTION ITEMS – Please review the following in advance of the training

Pre-training email- Please read carefully your pre-training email and be sure you have responded to the following requests with related links in that email:


WEB ACCESS AND PARTICIPATION: Click here to view and be ready to comply with the EMDR Institute’s Basic Training Virtual Zoom Guidelines.

Additional required content for the training

Training required videos- Please review these videos before the training:

Required Reading (the material below is to be completed during the training. We recommend you purchase the two books now and begin to get familiar with them):

You can purchase Dr. Shapiro’s books at the EMDR Institute ( or on Amazon.

POST TRAINING RESOUCES: Click on the following offerings for important downloadable scripts, procedures and clinical resources